How to Scan a QR Code on a Samsung Galaxy Device

You can scan a QR code in four ways if you have a Samsung phone.

Many Android users love Samsung’s One UI software skin because it has many built-in features. You don’t need to install untrustworthy apps from outside sources to do the same. Plus, it gives you quick software updates and Samsung Knox security.

QR code scanner is a handy feature built into all Samsung devices. It allows you to quickly scan and read any QR code and perform actions such as paying bills, sending messages, accessing web pages, and more. This article will show you how to use the feature and scan QR codes on your Samsung device.

What Are QR Codes? How Do They Work?

QR codes are special kinds of barcodes that machines can read. They have information encoded in the squares that make up the pattern. Unlike regular barcodes that only use one dimension (the space between the lines), QR codes use two dimensions (the position and size of the squares). This makes them able to store more information than regular barcodes. QR codes can also be used for fun purposes.

Unlike standard barcodes, QR codes can be scanned more quickly. You may have noticed three corners with black and white squares. These are called position markers or finder patterns. They help scanners like your Android or iPhone camera to recognize a QR code and its orientation for faster scanning.

Scanning QR codes is easy with your Samsung phone or tablet. Learn the different methods.

1. How to Access and Use Samsung QR Scanner to Scan QR Codes

To scan a QR code on a Samsung device, you can use the app available in the Quick Settings panel.

1: Open Quick Settings from the notification panel by swiping and choosing Scan QR code.

2: To scan a QR code, open the camera app and aim your phone at it. You can turn on the flashlight button if you need more light.

3: After scanning, you can select options like See the whole text, Look up online, Launch in the browser, or Copy. The options may change depending on the QR code content.

2. How to Scan a QR Code Using the Samsung Camera App

You may need to turn on this option to scan QR codes with the camera app on your Samsung device first. This depends on which version of One UI you have installed.

1: Open the Camera app and access the Camera Settings.

2: Enable the QR code scanning feature.

3: To scan a QR code, go to the viewfinder and point your camera at it.

3. Scan a QR Code Using a Photo Gallery

You can scan codes from the real world and images in your phone’s gallery.

1: Open your Quick Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and choosing Scan QR code.

2: The Gallery icon lets you access the Gallery after you launch the camera app.

3: Choose the image with the QR code from your gallery and press Done.

4: Bixby Vision will scan the image for a QR code and show you related information.

4. The Easiest Way to Scan QR Codes with Samsung Internet Browser

1: Open the Samsung Internet browser.

2: Tap on the icon at the bottom that looks like a hamburger with three horizontal lines.

3: Settings > Layout and menu > Customize menu.

4: Move the QR code scanner to the menu and go back.

5: Launch the QR code scanner by tapping the hamburger menu and selecting it again.

Samsung Internet can scan QR codes and instantly open the embedded links, saving you some time.

Use Samsung QR Scanner to Take Quick Actions

Many places and platforms use QR codes nowadays. For example, you can find them in shopping centers, eateries, online stores, and small businesses. Some social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Discord also have QR codes that let users easily log in to their desktop accounts.

Samsung devices have a built-in QR scanner that is quick, precise, and handy, unlike Android users who may need Google Lens or other apps.

Is Your Android Phone Camera Automatically Scanning QR Codes? Here’s How to Check

Another option is to use your camera to read QR Codes without an app. Follow these steps to check if your camera has this feature:

1: Hold your Camera app over the QR Code you wish to scan and keep it steady for 2-3 seconds.

2: A notification will show up when scanning is on.

3: QR Code scanning may not be enabled in your Settings app. Please check and enable it if needed.

4: Your device may not have the ability to scan QR Codes by default. This is not a problem; you need to install an app that can read QR Codes for you.

Google Screen Search

You can scan a QR Code without an app using Google Screen Search. Just follow these steps:

1: Hold your camera over the QR Code.

2: Press and hold the “Home” button and slide your finger up to see the bottom menu.

3: Choose the option that says, “What’s on my screen?

4: You will see the short URL that links to the information of the QR Code.

Google Lens in the Assistant

You don’t need an app to scan QR Codes. Just follow these steps to use Google Lens in the Assistant for this purpose:

1: To activate the Assistant, press and hold the “Home” button.

2: You may see the Lens button immediately, depending on your Assistant version. If you don’t see it, tap the dots at the bottom. Then you’ll find the Lens button on the left.

3: To scan the QR Code with Lens, you must first permit it to access your camera. If you have done this before, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the screen to enable it. Then, point your camera at the QR Code, which will scan automatically.

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