How to Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you need help setting up or troubleshooting voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy device, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to do it and solve any issues.

Voicemail can be a handy way to stay in touch when we have busy schedules and can’t answer every call. You might think that voicemail is already set up when you get a new Samsung phone, but sometimes you need to activate it yourself.

If you’re facing issues with your voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy or any other Android phone, or you wish to create a new voicemail, here’s a guide on setting it up and getting it working.

How to Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone

Your mobile carrier offers voicemail as a service, and the number you need to dial is typically made available when you insert a SIM card into your phone. While some cell providers only require you to insert a SIM card (or set up an eSIM) to access voicemail, many may require you to set up your voicemail before you can start using it.

samsung phone voicemail

1: Open the Phone app, Navigate to More > Settings > Voicemail, If a phone number is displayed, it indicates that voicemail is available.

2: There are two ways to access it: manually input the number into the dialer or press and hold the 1 key on the keypad to initiate it automatically.

3: You must select a security code if you are accessing voicemail for the first time. The security code typically requires a length of four to ten digits.

4: The specific procedures for the following steps may differ among various service providers. Certain providers may require a personalized message or a signature that includes your name spoken and inserted into the message.

5: Once you’ve finished performing all the necessary activation steps, disconnect the call. Your voicemail is fully functional now, and you can start receiving messages.

Starting with our guide to the best visual voicemail apps for Android is an excellent choice if you favor using visual voicemail.

How to Change Voicemail on Samsung Phones

One convenient method to listen to your personal voicemail greeting and confirm that the service is functioning properly is by dialing your cell number from a different phone. If you are unsatisfied with the greeting message or wish to modify it for any reason, rest assured that it can be done easily.

It’s possible to modify your voicemail greeting as frequently as you like. However, it’s important to note that creating a new voicemail message will replace the previous one. Here are the steps to follow to update your voicemail greeting:

1: To access your voicemail, open the Phone app and press the number 1 on the dialer.

2: To select the Greetings or Personal Message option, listen to the automated menu options and press the corresponding number key. You should first press the Keypad button to do so.

3: After that, you will have the choice to create a fresh greeting or personal message.

4: Please create a new voicemail message and save it according to the instructions.

How to Listen to Your Voicemails

After activating basic voicemail, you can use your Samsung device’s default speed dial button to listen to your voicemail messages.

1: If the keypad tab is not already open on the screen, access the Phone app and select it.

2: Press the 1 key on the dialer keypad to access your voicemail. A voicemail icon will appear below the number on the key. While you can program the other keys on the keypad to quickly dial any phone number you prefer, the 1 key is exclusively reserved for voicemail.

3: After a brief pause, the voicemail number is announced, and you can utilize the automated menu to access and listen to your messages.

How to Change Samsung Voicemail Notifications

To modify voicemail settings, dial the voicemail number and navigate the automated menu. However, on Samsung phones, the notification notifying you of new messages is one of the limited aspects you can manage.

1: To modify the voicemail alert, access the Phone application and select the More option (represented by three dots) at the top.

2: After opening Settings, navigate to the Voicemail section, where you can find the number used to access your voicemails displayed.

3: You will find your current voicemail notification settings below that number. To view the complete notifications settings, tap on them.

4: You can customize the settings for notifications, such as choosing whether they appear in the status bar, modifying the sound they make, and selecting whether they are displayed on the lock screen.

Troubleshooting Samsung Voicemail

After configuring your voicemail correctly, it should work smoothly and reliably. If you do face any difficulties, they are typically simple to resolve. These are some of the most frequent issues that users encounter.

Not Receiving Notifications of New Voicemails

Before troubleshooting your voicemail service, you should verify that it is activated and configured properly. If you are confident this is the case, examine the settings that control how you receive notifications for new voicemail messages (see above).

The New Voicemail Notification Icon Shows Even When There Are No New Voicemails

This is usually a cache problem. To fix this, open Settings > Apps and tap the Filter and Sort button at the top of the list. Tap Show System Apps and then OK. Tap Call Settings in the apps list, then Storage > Clear Data and Clear Cache.

You’re Unable to Listen to Voicemails From a Different Phone

A security code is required to access your voicemails from a different phone number. You can create one by dialing the voicemail number and following the automated menu instructions if you haven’t done so already.

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Set Up and Manage Voicemail on Your Samsung Phone

A voicemail can be highly beneficial, particularly if you have a hectic schedule. It’s a straightforward process to activate voicemail on your Samsung device, and it only takes a few minutes. If you still need to set up your voicemail, it’s recommended that you do it now so you don’t overlook any crucial messages.

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