How to find a lost iPhone (Track and Recover) 2023

Losing an iPhone can be a frustrating experience, especially if it contains important data or personal information. Whether you misplaced it at home, left it at a restaurant, or it was stolen, the idea of being unable to find your beloved device can be unsettling. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can increase your chances of locating your lost iPhone and potentially retrieving it. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best methods for finding a lost iPhone, including using Apple’s “Find My” app, calling your iPhone, and enlisting the help of others. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to recovering your lost iPhone in no time.

Here are five ways to find a lost iPhone

How to Find a Lost iPhone without Find My iPhone

If Find My iPhone is not enabled, finding the last known location of your iPhone can only be done by retracing your steps unless you have enabled location history for Google Maps. By utilizing location history with Google Maps, you can locate the last known location of your lost iPhone, even without using Find My iPhone. It’s recommended that you enable Google Maps location history to prepare for the possibility of losing your phone in the future. To locate a lost iPhone using Google Maps, follow these steps:

Ensure you are signed in to your Google account, and visit

At the bottom of your screen, verify the status of your Location History. If it’s turned on, you can utilize this method. However, if it’s disabled, you won’t be able to employ Google Maps to locate your missing iPhone.

To choose the date your iPhone went missing, click “Today” or use the drop-down menus to enter a previous date, provided Location History is already enabled.

Check your last location and go get that phone!

I hope you have successfully retrieved your lost iPhone. If you are curious about the accuracy of Find My iPhone, rest assured that it is highly precise. To learn more about Find My iPhone, please refer to this resource.

How to Find a Dead iPhone, Offline iPhone, or Turned Off iPhone (Find My)

You can locate your lost iPhone through various Apple devices, such as an iPad, Mac, or iPhone that belongs to a Family Sharing Group, provided that you own an iPad or Mac and share your location. Even if your iPhone is not connected to the internet, you can still track it if other Apple devices are nearby. If your iPhone has run out of battery, you can view the last location it was detected before the battery died. Here’s a guide on locating your lost iPhone, regardless of whether it’s turned on, offline, or switched off.

  • To access the Devices tab, launch the Find My app on your device and tap on it.
  • After tapping the “Find My” option, a map displaying your Find My-enabled devices will appear. You can choose your iPhone from the list presented on the screen.
  • If your iPhone is lost and its battery is drained, its location on the map will be represented by an iPhone icon with a black screen. Moreover, you will notice red text on the sidebar indicating the date and time when Find My iPhone last recorded the location of your device.
  • Assuming your iPhone is powered on, you should see an active (colorful) Home screen with a sidebar displaying a battery icon that indicates the remaining battery life.
  • To obtain directions to the location of your lost iPhone using Apple Maps, tap on Directions. If your iPhone is switched on, you may also tap on Play Sound to assist you in finding it.
  • To remotely lock your lost iPhone and display a custom message with your contact number for anyone who finds it, tap the “Activate” option beneath the “Mark as Lost” feature.
  • Enabling the Notify When Found feature on your iPhone can send notifications and a location update to your iPad as soon as your misplaced iPhone is powered on, even if it appears dead.

The “Erase this Device” feature should be employed solely in case of a suspected permanent loss or theft of your iPhone and only after taking certain preliminary measures.

How to Find Your Lost iPhone with iCloud

Use the Find My app on your Mac, which is usually installed by default, rather than relying on the browser. The iCloud option has limited functionality and only lets you view the last location of your lost device on a map. It does not provide step-by-step directions to locate it. However, if you only need to ping your nearby iPhone or activate Lost Mode to safeguard your data, you can use Find My on by following these steps:

Visit and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

If you are asked, please click “Allow” to enable on your device and then carry out the two-factor authorization process.

Click the Find iPhone app icon.

At the top, choose “Select All Devices” and then select your missing iPhone.

When your iPhone, which is lost, has run out of battery, you will see a black screen with smaller text below that indicates the time when Find My iPhone saved the last location of your iPhone.

Assuming the iPhone is powered on, you can observe that its Home screen is vibrant and active, displaying various icons and widgets. In addition, you can find a battery icon in the sidebar indicating the amount of battery life remaining.

Assuming that the iPhone is either turned on or offline (not dead), tapping Play Sound can assist you in locating your iPhone when you approach it.

If you have lost your iPhone, you can enable Lost Mode to lock your device remotely and show a personalized message along with a phone number where you can be contacted by anyone who finds your phone.

The option to Erase your iPhone ought to be utilized solely in case you believe that your iPhone has been irretrievably lost or stolen, and even then, only after taking certain other measures.

Find a Missing iPhone with Someone Else’s iPhone or iPad

If you do not have an additional device available to track your misplaced iPhone, you can utilize your friend’s Apple device and use their Find My app to locate your lost device. The Find My app provides a Help a Friend option to log in separately with your Apple ID. After logging in, you can view the present location of your iPhone. If your device is offline or has a dead battery, you can still find its last location using the Find My iPhone feature.

Logging into iCloud on someone else’s device may activate additional security measures to safeguard your information, so it’s not recommended. However, you can utilize the Help a Friend feature to avoid being prompted for a passcode from your lost iPhone, which bypasses two-factor authentication. If you need to locate your missing iPhone using another person’s device, refer to our article on tracking a lost iPhone.

Can I Find My iPhone If It’s Offline, Dead, or Turned Off?

Does Find My iPhone work when a phone is dead?
If your iPhone is lost and has no battery, you can only see where it was last located. This is only possible if the “Find My iPhone Last Location” feature is turned on. It should be on by default if you didn’t turn it off manually. If you don’t turn it on, you won’t be able to see the location of your iPhone on the Find My app once the battery dies.

Can you find a lost iPhone that is turned off?
If you possess iOS 15 or a newer version and haven’t deactivated the Find My feature, you can locate your lost iPhone by pursuing the guidelines in one of the Find My options. Though you cannot ping your phone, you can still obtain directions and track its location.

Can you track a stolen iPhone?
Certainly, the Find My app can assist you in locating a stolen iPhone. Even trying to retrieve the stolen device on your own is not advisable. Instead, contact the nearby law enforcement officials and refer to our manual on steps to take if your iPhone is irretrievably lost or stolen.

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