Friday Night Funkin PC

I’m assuming you’re searching for the Friday Night Funkin PC version today for enthusiastic reasons. That’s where you need to be. For many gamers, including myself, gaming on the PC has always been the best option. 

But why? Because there is no comparison to a bigger screen, extra quality graphics, boasting sounds, and easy playtime.

NameFriday Night Funkin
SupportedWindows 10,8,7
Size140 MB

Why so many praises about Friday Night Funkin for PC?

By winning the hearts of many gamers on mobile devices, FNF apk is also becoming much famous on Windows for PC gamers. Many gamers, including beginners as well as professionals, are playing it daily. They are amusing themselves with the rhythms, songs, rap battles, and much more fun.

The game is now available for all Windows versions, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and newly released Windows 11. Moreover, you will find it in two operating systems such as 32bit and 64bit. But from where to get this Friday Night Funkin for Windows game? Do not worry because, on this page, you will find the exact file that will be easy to install and run nonstop on your PC.

How to play Friday Night Funkin on PC?

The commands and playing on a PC are much easier than you might have thought after reading the storyline of this game. Because on PC, it becomes a game depending on just keyboard keys. While playing fnf at Windows, you will first observe the notes coming from the opponent’s side.

Then, you will be filling notes appearing on your side as they should meet the exact accuracy and the finishing line at the exact time. It would be best if you pressed the WASD keys or arrow keys as up, down, left, and right to fill up the notes.

The more accurately you will press the keys, the more your points will increase. And the same, there will be more chances of your winning. Ultimately, you will get what you are making with this effort.

However, there is a con that if you miss one to three notes consecutively, you will be disqualified and lose the game. Then you will have to start it from the beginning.

Features of the Friday Night Funkin Game on PC

Besides the interesting storyline, gameplay, and easy controls on the game, several features will keep you addicted to it. So, let’s have a look at what you will be enjoying on your PC screens while playing this Friday night Funkin full of rhymes game.

Standard Quality Graphics

At Pc, you’d be having a bigger screen. So, you’d need some quality graphics to enjoy the playtime. But will this Fnf apk be able to fulfil that desire? Yes, of course, the game has some good quality graphics, a user-friendly setup, and attractive visuals to keep you playing nonstop. It will look like an ordinary game at first, but that’s not what you will be getting. The reality is far different.

Quality Sounds with More Songs

The PC version of Friday Night Funkin has more songs, and some enjoy full music. The version includes 7 weeks, and each week has a never-ending wave of songs. This means a long fight against the opponent’s microphone. Moreover, while using the gaming headphones or larger speakers, you will enjoy the best quality music that will be additional happiness and fighting the enemies.

No Ads, No Price

Friday Night Funkin for Windows or PC is free of cost, as you will be paying no price for having it. Also, the game contains no ads. So, there will be nothing to disturb you or lose your attention while playing.


FNF for PC has two modes. The first mode is named Free mode, and the second one is the Story mode. The Free mode is usually dedicated to beginners. But to play like a pro, go to story mode and participate in ever-lasting music battles.

  1. An interesting story to keep yourself addicted to the game.
  2. What a prize in the form of a delicious kiss.
  3. Different levels of difficulty for pro players. More weeks, more interesting songs, and rap battles.

Download Friday Night Funkin for free on PC:

So, the wait is over, and finally, you will be able to get what you are here for. For downloading the Windows file to run or play it on your PC for free, follow the below-given procedure, and you will have it in no time.

Click on the download button— First, click on the “Friday Night Funkin download for PC” button given on this page. You will see that a file will start downloading on your laptop or PC. After clicking the download button, make sure that for what OS you are going to download this game? Check if your PC supports 32bit, then click on the 32bit download button. But if it is 64bit. You can have the 64bit FNF file on your PC.

Extract the file—Since it will be a zip file. So, you will need a WinRAR file Extractor for extracting it. If you don’t have this, you can download and install it from here. So, now you have the file extractor, you can extract the file easily inside your desired folder.

Click and Play—By double-clicking on the file you will start playing.

Congratulations. You’re done with it.

Yes, the game is free of cost for all types of PCs. And also for all types of operating systems. You will have to pay no price as you can download the free FNF file from this page. Just click on the download button, and you are good to go.

Yes, your PC can easily run this game because the developers have mentioned no requirements for PC. A good PC with some good ram, processor, display and other things that your PC will equip can easily support this game. However, you need to confirm whether your PC is 32bit or 64bit for relative compatibility.


So, finally, I hope that you have successfully downloaded the Friday Night Funkin PC version and enjoy the rhythm battles nonstop. Be the winner and get your girlfriend from her father. Do not miss this opportunity, as you may not get this in real life. Ah, just kidding! Indeed, you will have it.

Hence, stay tuned for the latest coming updates on this site. Plus, you will be getting FNF modes very soon. In the end, happy playtime, stay home, stay safe. Have a good day.