FnF Crying Cursed Emoji Over Expurgation

Fall in love with the Friday Night Funkin Crying Cursed Emoji Over Expurgation newly added a mod that brings new and different skin in the gameplay and a new remix of the song named Expurgation. That’s true that the mod is something worth downloading because of its updated and modified new features. You will have something new to experience and watch inside this fnf crying cursed emoji mod.

NameFNF Crying Cursed Emoji
Size17.1 MB

The mod brings a mix-up idea of Crying Cursed Emoji and Tricky with a lot of similarities. Though it was aimed to appear as a shitpost, yet, who knows that it will appear as something you’re gonna much like. The interesting details and new mechanism added in this one will make your mind play more.

Fnf cursed emoji cry

Have an emoji that grabs your life bar and lowers it to a minimum without making you do anything to stop it. It also includes some notes that when pressed, take life from you and they are represented with hands.

How to play the FNF Crying Cursed Emoji?

For playing this unique mod, you should have full control of your keyboard keys. With WASD or Arrows keys, you’re gonna fall into the arena of battles, completing notes and winning the points.

Therefore, never forget to press Down, Up, Left, and Right notes appearing on the screen and make yourself play more and more with the Friday Night Funkin Crying Cursed emoji.

What to find inside this Crying Cursed Emoji Expurgation?

You will find;

  • New mechanisms inside the gameplay.
  • A new character named Crying Cursed Emoji
  • A new song appears as a remix of Expurgation.

Download to the Friday Night Funkin Crying Cursed Emoji

Follow the link given below for downloading this mod on your device. You will have it within a couple of minutes.

Crying cursed emoji Mod Latest Updates

  • v1.0 – New skin and new remix
  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • KadeDev – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY ASS MUSIC
  • AND every person who contributed to Github source.
  • Aight!: Aight Made the new song cover, as well as the sprite changes
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

Original Tricky Version 2.0 (phrase 3) Credit:

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