FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend Mod

You wouldn’t have thought before that you could have to see yourself standing in front of you on your way to getting your girlfriend from her dad. Yes, we are talking about this brand new version of the game FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend, where you will find the opponent just like you. Actually, the same love story has come in a different challenge by making you sing against your character.

What is different going to happen inside this mod version of Friday night funkin is that there will be two boyfriends in the gameplay. It means the difficulty level will be higher, and the challenge will double. In case you aren’t able to win from yourself, you are not worthy of getting your girl on the date. So, let us know if you are ready. Because if you do so, the game is just on your marks and in your approach. Download it and install it, making your android device run another supreme mod of the Friday night funkin apk. Read also FNF apk

Gameplay of The FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend:

Inside this mod version, things are done well so nicely that you will find it challenging. But we know that there is nothing strenuous for a player like you. You can even beat yourself when you see your fake opponent trying to beat you. When you install the game and click the competition for playing it, the same character will be standing in front of your personality, whom we have named the fake boyfriend. He sings the complex rhythms and makes your level of achievement harder.

All in all, you will find something completely new in this new mod of the game. So, download it and make it an essential collection inside your Android touch device.

Features of this FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend Game:

Let’s list down all the essential additions you are gonna find inside this bf fnf mod and make you play something extraordinary. You might be fearful of the same character because he has the abilities just like you to beat you through that rap battle. But it doesn’t mean that we are not trusting you. Unless we are here, you are gonna win the game ultimately. Therefore, let’s start talking about the features of this newly added gameplay.

A Fake Boyfriend:
You should know that an evil persona with his red eyes has entered into the battle trying to steal your girlfriend from you. This fake boyfriend has the same dressing sense as you. But he is evil, and he will try his best to beat you out through the game. However, there can be only one winner, and we want it to be you. So, accept the invitation to find yourself in an epic arena where you have to defeat this fake boyfriend who has taken up the ground.

A New Song:
The mod version also brings a new song for you where you and fnf boyfriend will be rapping battles on this. The song is “Confronting Yourself.” So, make sure that you learn all the tricks and rhythms of this song to beat that fake person in the gameplay.

How To Play The FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend:

Even if you have come so far playing all the different mods of Friday Night Funkin, you should measure the level of difficulty for playing this game. However, the mechanism is simple as you have played before. Use the arrow keys or slide your fingers across the screen to catch the notes and keep yourself constant towards the victory.

But when you are playing inside the Friday night funkin boyfriend, the difficulty level could get maximum when the song reaches its end. You will have to catch the notes as soon as possible to knock down your opponent. And make him get out of the battle. And only through this you will be able to win this new addition to the FNF game.

Download the FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend:

Have you prepared your android mobile phone? If you didn’t, make it fast because you can easily download this game from the download button given to you on this page. Once you hit it, the game will be inside your mobile in a short while. Once it gets done, you can install the game and begin your playtime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, playing this fake boyfriend mod on your android mobile device is entirely safe and secure. So, you can just install the game without finding yourself insignificant worries, And give your free time a new FNF addition.

Your android mobile phone must be the latest one with a pretty good RAM and storage capacity. It must also be good on display and Android version sides. And it is somewhat like android 6+ for playing this mod of the game. Because only then you will be able to run this game over your phone.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, we hope that you really liked this FNF BF vs Fake Boyfriend and loved playing it. Well, if you really did, please let us know through the comment box. Because this will motivate us to bring more stuff like this and some new updates on other modes of FNF. Moreover, you should get ready to get this game to the last. Because still, there is much to explore and talk about.

So, thanks for reading and giving us your precious time. In case you have queries. You may also ask through the comment box. Keep reading and have an excellent evening!

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