The 15 Best Offline Games on Android That Don’t Need Internet

Enjoy these top offline games for Android from various genres like strategy, puzzle, racing, and more. You don’t need internet access.

You don’t need an internet connection to play these awesome Android games. They’re great for wasting time on the go or getting stuck somewhere without Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for the most enjoyable games for Android that don’t require an internet connection, check out these recommendations for every category.

1. Into the Dead 2 (Action/Shooter)

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to the original zombie-themed endless runner game. It has seven chapters and 60 levels to play through. The game’s storyline is its strongest feature: you play as James, who has to reach his sister Helen and daughter Maggie. They are also fighting for their lives in the zombie apocalypse.

Into the Dead 2

The story will grip you as you chat with Helen and Maggie, who share their struggles, close calls, adventures, and meltdowns. And to make it even more thrilling, the story can end in different ways!

You will love enhancing your weapons collection and teaming up with different animals to kill zombies. Into the Dead 2 is an offline game, but it offers many extra stories, a mode where you can run endlessly, and new events to join regularly.

Download: Into the Dead 2

2. Alto’s Odyssey (Runner)

This is just another run-of-the-mill runner game. But once you start playing Alto’s Odyssey, you’ll discover a captivating charm that keeps you hooked.

Alto's Odyssey

The game’s visuals and sound could explain its unique charm. While most endless runners tend to be frenetic, this game stands out by providing a peaceful and relaxing gameplay experience. As you glide down dunes, leap to gather points, evade obstacles, and execute backflips and double backflips to earn style bonuses, you’ll find yourself unwinding and feeling at ease.

Even though Alto’s Odyssey is not very innovative in the runner genre, it still offers a lot of fun. That makes it a great choice for a free offline game on Android.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey

3. Kingdom Rush (Strategy)

Kingdom Rush, a tower defense game that’s been around for over a decade, is still viewed as one of the top titles in its genre for strategy game enthusiasts. Its objective is straightforward – safeguard your kingdom against evil forces by constructing defensive towers, deploying troops, and using magic spells.

Kingdom Rush

The towers come in four varieties: archers that fire arrows, barracks that send out melee fighters, mages that blast magic bolts, and artillery that cause area damage.

In the game, over 50 distinct enemy types exist, and more than 10 formidable bosses possess unique abilities and varying levels of endurance. Eliminating these foes grants you gold, which can be utilized to enhance your towers, fortifying your kingdom against progressively larger and more robust waves of enemies.

Download: Kingdom Rush

4. Ski Safari 2 (Runner)

Ski Safari 2 and Alto’s Odyssey are two very different endless runners. While Alto’s Odyssey soothes you with its serene visuals and sounds, Ski Safari 2 thrills you with its fast-paced gameplay and crazy animal companions fleeing from a massive snowslide.

Ski Safari 2

You can also impress everyone with your skills by doing 360 spins, handstands, and nose-grabs on your snowboard, and pose for the camera while you’re in the air to get some extra speed.

Besides the snowy mountains, there are five other maps to discover—each with animals and natural hazards like volcanoes, tornados, and more. You can also spend the coins you make on new gear, outfits, and vehicles.

Download: Ski Safari 2

5. Once Upon a Tower (Platform)

In this game, the princess is not waiting for a prince to save her. She has a sledgehammer, and she’s ready to use it. She has to break through the walls and floors of the tower while avoiding the fire-breathing dragon that guards it. The catch is that she’s not climbing to freedom but digging into the ground.

Once Upon a Tower

She faces a difficult journey full of diverse and deadly foes. Ogres, wall-crawling spiders, and hidden traps await her at every turn. She must hurry, or the dragon will unleash fiery wrath upon the land. And she must not fall, for gravity is her ultimate nemesis.

Grab coins and power-ups whenever possible; they will help you overcome the challenges and get out of the tower. Once Upon a Tower is a blast and always exciting, making it one of the best offline Android games.

Download: Once Upon a Tower

6. Jungle Marble Blast (Arcade)

If you want to play Zuma offline, try one of its many imitations. Jungle Marble Blast is our favorite among them.

Jungle Marble Blast

The game is still fun, even though the graphics could be smoother. You can tap the screen to fire and tap the beetle to switch between two colors of spheres. Aim at the chain of spheres moving around the map and make groups of three or more of the same color.

If possible, aim to acquire power-ups to reverse the chain’s progress, merge a large section into one hue, or eradicate them. Jungle Marble Blast is an ideal inclusion in the list of top-rated Android games that can be played offline, thanks to its compact size, long-lasting gameplay, and free availability.

Download: Jungle Marble Blast

7. Quizoid (Brainy)

Multiplayer games that require a lot of brainpower are not functional without an internet connection. However, Quizoid is a game that tests one’s knowledge rather than competing with others. Similar to other applications of its kind, Quizoid presents a question with multiple answers, and the player must select the correct option.


There are some extra game modes when you compete with the AI. You can try to guess what the computer is thinking in 20 questions or race against the clock to answer as many as possible.

If you enjoy trivia, you might like Quizoid, which has more than 7,000 questions on 17 topics, such as history, science, politics, sports, and entertainment. However, you must buy the pro pack to access the quizzes by topic.

Download: Quizoid (Free)

8. Tank Hero: Laser Wars (Action)

Tank Hero: Laser Wars is a great offline game on Google Play, but it doesn’t appear in the common “offline game” collections.

YouTube video

As the titular Tank Hero, your mission is to eliminate all the other tanks on the map using your powerful laser cannon. At every level, you must take out every tank. To control your tank in this top-down shooter game, you use a virtual joystick, and shooting is as simple as tapping anywhere on the screen.

It sounds easy, but it’s not. You’ll encounter various tanks, bonuses, and tricky labyrinths that test your skills. Don’t forget walls reflect lasers so that you can use that to your benefit.

Download: Tank Hero: Laser Wars (Free)

9. Sudoku (by Fassor): Puzzle

There are countless Sudoku games on the Play Store, and many of them can also be played offline. We don’t claim that Fassor’s Sudoku is the best; it’s our favorite and works flawlessly.

If you are looking for a simple Sudoku game, this one does the job well. You can choose from four difficulty levels and see how fast you can solve each puzzle. A nice feature of Fassor’s game is that you can enter more than one tentative number in a cell—but watch out, this will cost you 30 seconds of your time.

Anytime you want, you can verify if your answers are right, but it comes at a cost. Those extra minutes will lower your final score. And that’s what your friends will see when you go online again.

Download: Sudoku

10. Smash Hit (Shooter)

In 2014, Smash Hit was one of the most captivating games, and it remains a reliable source of entertainment. Although it’s peculiar to label it as a shooter, that’s essentially what it is, and it’s one of the top offline mobile games available.

Smash Hit

You see through the eyes of a ball thrower and aim to shatter glass objects with steel balls. The more you hit and clear the glasses, the more rewards you get, such as launching multiple balls at once.

As you advance in the game, you’ll slowly move through levels while the pace becomes faster. You aim to avoid getting hit by glass objects, which will help you win the game quickly. Nevertheless, the task is more challenging than it seems at first glance.

Download: Smash Hit

11. Traffic Rider (Racing)

Leave the online data stream and join another digital road. Ride your bike in Traffic Rider and weave through the urban traffic as you race to the end in first-person view.

Traffic Rider

The gameplay of Traffic Rider resembles an infinite racing game, requiring you to accelerate increasingly to cross the finish line unscathed. However, mission mode sets it apart from similar racing games by introducing specific objectives to make the experience more engaging instead of merely cruising aimlessly.

You can choose from time trials or a simple endless runner to try different modes. But don’t forget to complete the mission mode first because it will give you access to some awesome superbikes that satisfy your speed craving.

If you need more than 100MB of storage capacity to install Traffic Rider, consider checking out Traffic Racer, an earlier title from the same game developer. Although it’s limited to endless runner gameplay and lacks mission modes, it’s also a good game.

Download: Traffic Rider

12. Major Mayhem 2 (Action/Shooter)

Major Mayhem 2 is a blast to play. It’s a great mobile game from Adult Swim with a lengthy solo campaign.

Major Mayhem 2

As the main character, you eliminate a series of villains. The game resembles a shooting range. Foes emerge from the cover, and you tap to shoot them (or hurl explosives if you’re furious).

You have to dodge the bullets from the foes while shooting them back. Keep Major Mayhem safe from harm and get extra points for hitting them in the head, wiping them out quickly, and doing it with style. Upgrade your guns whenever you have the chance.

Download: Major Mayhem 2

13. Shadow Fight 2 (Fighting)

Since the era of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, one-on-one fighting games have been an enjoyable pastime. If you are an Android user, consider trying out Shadow Fight 2.

Shadow Fight 2

To master the art of combat, you must acquire many skills. The game uses two action buttons (punch and kick) and a directional pad. By combining them, you will become a formidable ninja in no time.

The two-dimensional silhouettes of Shadow Fight make it more appealing. The game focuses on the combat, not the extras. It’s a great offline Android game to try out!

Downloads: Shadow Fight 2

14: Swordigo (Platform)

Swordigo is a classic platform game that offers everything you could want: a captivating story, inventive level design, a variety of monsters with special abilities, weapons and armor that you can upgrade, hidden treasure, magic spells, and a stunning finale that we won’t ruin for you.


The maps vary in mood and difficulty; some make you feel calm and cozy, while others terrify you with complex puzzles, labyrinths, and foes. The music adds to the atmosphere of each map, matching its tone perfectly.

The game runs smoothly, and the controls work flawlessly. You can purchase some items in the game, but they are optional for completing it. Swordigo lets you discover various landscapes, fight creatures, and embark on a quest!

Download: Swordigo

15. Crossy Road (Endless Runner)

Despite being free to play, Crossy Road is a stunning 8-bit pixel art that keeps you hooked more than expected.

Crossy Road

As the player, your objective is to guide a chicken across the road safely. To move forward, tap the screen to advance one lane. Swiping in any direction will move the chicken in that corresponding direction. Your mission is to navigate past the busy highways and streams blocking your path and reach the safety of the green grass as frequently as possible. Keep in mind that speed is of the essence. Trying to surpass your previous high score can be a challenging and addictive experience.

The best part is that it never feels dull, no matter how many times you play it so that you can enjoy it for hours.

Download: Crossy Road

Not Just Games: Mobile Apps Go Offline Too

In addition to the impressive collection of offline games, numerous other high-quality titles are available on the Play Store. Investing in paid titles like Lara Croft GO will give you even better game experiences. If you’re looking for another exceptional offline game, be sure to give Fallout Shelter a try.

You don’t have to confine yourself to playing games on your Android device when you’re not connected to the internet. There are useful offline apps that you can download and use as well.

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