10 Best Android Apps by Google You Need to Try Now

Google makes many Android apps, and you might not know them all—but these are the ones you need to pay attention to.

Some Google apps, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Assistant, are so ubiquitous that they are an integral part of Android. That’s partly true. Google has a vast collection of apps on its Play Store page, where you can discover some amazing ones if you dig deep enough.

Google’s app developers have developed many creative apps for Android over the years. They have tried out a lot of original ideas. However, some of these useful apps don’t get much attention. Let’s explore some of these hidden gems.

1. PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan is a scanner app for old printed photos that work with Google Photos. You must hold your phone over an image and follow the app’s instructions. The app will scan, merge, and improve the photo with impressive results.

PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan may not match the quality of a real scanner or an expert service. However, it is one of the top apps in its category.

With Google’s artificial intelligence, the app can adjust the colors, eliminate glare, and crop photos by finding the edges. You can also straighten or rotate the images as you like. Plus, you can save all your scanned images to Google Photos automatically.

Download: PhotoScan by Google Photos (Free)

2. Read Along by Google

Read Along is an app that makes reading enjoyable and interactive for children five or older. It helps them learn to read better in English and eight more languages by themselves. The app’s main purpose is to encourage independent learning and reading skills in kids.

Read Along by Google

The app has a virtual assistant called Diya and many fun stories, badges, and achievement collections to keep children interested. It is safe for kids to use and does not have any ads. It also works without the internet and lets you adjust the content difficulty level.

The app lets several children share it and make their profiles to track their progress. It suggests books that suit each child’s reading skills and level.

Download: Read Along by Google (Free)

3. Crowdsource

Using Crowdsource, you can contribute your skills to Google’s AI development. For example, you can identify what an image shows or what kind of bird makes a certain sound. As a reward, you will get various benefits.


Your contributions to the Google community can earn you badges and recognition. You can also join meetings with Google experts and other contributors to enhance the ecosystem and its products.

You can provide various services such as verifying image labels, capturing images, translating languages, validating translations, recognizing handwriting, evaluating sentiments, and more.

Download: Crowdsource (Free)

4. Google Arts & Culture

If you want to explore the art and culture of the past and present, Google Arts & Culture is a great app for you. It lets you discover stories and insights from over 2,000 museums and cultural organizations in 80 countries.

Google Arts

With this app, you can enjoy many amazing features. For example, you can find portraits that resemble you with Art Selfie. You can also experience panoramic tours of your favorite places with 360 videos and virtual reality tours or visit famous landmarks and sites with Street View. And more. You can also use Explore to see how art has changed over time.

The app also helps you discover nearby museums and exhibitions. You can enjoy a wonderful digital experience and a refreshing mental break from anywhere.

Download: Google Arts & Culture (Free)

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Some apps for Android can access remote desktops. Some require payment, and some are free but limited. Chrome Remote Desktop is a unique app that is fully free and functional.

 Chrome Remote Desktop

An extension on your Chrome browser lets you access your PC from anywhere in the world using your Android phone without installing another app on your PC.

One of the greatest advantages of this feature is its ability to work across the entire PC rather than being confined to the Chrome browser alone. Provided your PC and Android device are connected to the internet, you can securely access your PC from anywhere.

If you frequently engage in this activity, you should explore our comprehensive guides on remotely operating your PC through your Android device and remotely control your Android phone from your PC.

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop (Free)

6. Google Tasks

With Google Tasks, you can keep track of your daily activities and routines with a handy to-do list app. It works seamlessly with Google Calendar and Gmail to manage and complete your tasks from any device, anytime. You can also edit and view your tasks on the go.

Google Tasks

Within the Google Calendar sidebar, you will discover a convenient Tasks shortcut. This tool enables you to generate tasks from your emails swiftly. It offers helpful task management functionalities, including creating sub-tasks to divide your primary task into more manageable and attainable objectives.

You can easily add a reminder date to any note to streamline the process of setting due dates for tasks and projects. Additionally, you can create a checklist within a note to keep track of multiple steps in a project. If you frequently use to-do lists, you can explore using visually appealing apps on Android if Google Tasks doesn’t suit your preferences.

Download: Google Tasks (Free)

7. Action Blocks

With Action Blocks, you can make big buttons on your home screen that do certain things for you. These are different from normal app shortcuts or widgets because they can perform tasks you usually repeat a lot, making your life easier and faster.

Action Blocks

For instance, shortcuts can be established to call you’re significant other, play your preferred tunes, or control the lights. Action Blocks can be considered a graphical user interface (GUI) counterpart of Google Assistant, which aids in improving your productivity. This tool can be particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities that may hinder their ability to perform daily activities.

Download: Action Blocks (Free)

8. Reading Mode

Reading Mode is an app that enhances the reading experience for everyone, especially those with reading difficulties. It reduces eye strain by adjusting the text and background colors.

Reading Mode

After installing the app, launch it by tapping its icon. It will guide you through the setup process, and when you finish, you’ll see a floating shortcut icon on your screen that turns any web page or document into text that is easy to read.

Download: Reading Mode (Free)

9. Socratic by Google

Socratic is an app that uses AI to help you learn. What if you are doing your Math homework and get stuck on a problem? Search for the answer on Google by typing the whole question. But with Socratic, you can scan the problem and get the solutions from the best sources.

Socratic by Google

This app uses Google’s smart AI technology to help students from high school to university. You can also watch videos that show you how to solve problems in different subjects step by step. And with the Voice Assist feature, you can speak your question instead of typing it.

Socratic helps you understand the ideas behind any problem by showing you visual explanations from teachers and experts in different subjects. You can use the app for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature. More subjects may be added in the future.

Download: Socratic by Google (Free)

10. Google Duo

Google’s Duo app is very handy for its simplicity and reliability. It lets you start a video call immediately when you launch it and can also work well on weak network connections.

Google Duo

Instead of dropping the call when the network signal is weak, this app pauses and monitors your signal to adapt the video quality and prevent frequent interruptions.

Download: Google Duo by Google (Free)

The Best Lesser-Known Google Apps

You may be tempted to choose the apps with the highest ratings and the most downloads. But sometimes, you should give a chance to apps with average figures. They may not fit everyone’s needs, but they may be perfect for you.

Explore the Google apps listed here and find more amazing apps on the Play Store. And remember to use the Google app to its full potential, as it can do many things that your other apps can do.

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