Friday Night Funkin apk

The Friday Night Funkin Apk is a music game where a boy gets a kiss from his girlfriend. He gets a kiss only when he successfully beats or impresses the girl’s father on different rhythms. The father is a very clever guy, and he is a former musician. He knows all the skills, rhymes, dis, and beats to make the boy feel uncomfortable.

He will try his level best not to let you win and purpose his daughter. But no doubt, I can see a player sitting before the screen and reading this. I am hopeful that maybe not in real life. But here, you will do your best to beat the rhythms. And get what tastes delicious more than anything in the world.

NameFriday Night Funkin
Size166 MB
Last version0.2.7.1
Updated27 July 2021
RequiresAndroid 4.4

This heart-winning rhythm game is developed by Phantom A Cadet, Ninjamuffin99, and Quanisprit. It revolves around only one mission. This mission is to sing like the father of your girlfriend, impress him, and become worthy of a kiss from his girl. Therefore, you’re going to have a lot of fun and music while playing this Fnf apk and beating different enemies. So, get yourself ready, and let’s dive into the rhythmic adventure of our newly developed Friday Night Funkin Apk.

Main Characters of the Friday Night Funkin Online Game

Until now, you may have an idea about the main characters of this game. But in case you still don’t know, then let me tell you. There are three major avatars inside this game.

So, let’s describe them one by one.

A beautiful Girlfriend—Actually, the boy is the main character of the game. But I would say that girl is the main character in the game because this is the girl for whom you will make such an effort.

You don’t need to do anything, but the same, you will not be able to get a kiss from her. She is pretty and always keeps sitting on the deck. She keeps enjoying the battle of rapes between you and her father.

You, the stunning Boyfriend— It’s you, man, yes, seriously, it’s you. However, this character who is representing you inside the game is almost a 19 years old boy. He is on a mission that he will beat the father and get what he deserves no matter what it takes. Being the actual and main character of the game, this boyfriend would have to be firm and focused on his aim to fight with the ruthless father.

Father— Can I tell you something? I’m not too fond of this character because he is the villain of this love story and won’t let it be easy until you get it with your own will. Therefore, I wouldn’t say I like to talk much about him. But to remember you, he is a famous Rockstar/musician who will give you a tough time.

Gameplay of The Friday Night Funk

As you’ve known the main characters of this Friday night game, now it’s time to learn how to play it and what you can do, or skip inside the game villa.

First things first, it is an online game and will be recognized as one of the most played music games in the world by music lovers. This game requires you to keep touching the arrows at the right time with perfect accuracy.

When you will do this and meet the exact targets, your points will increase. If you miss the points and do not press the buttons on time or touch the arrows, your health will decrease. And ultimately, you’ll be dead (not you, your boy character).

At first, you will feel like it is too simple and easy to play. But you will be disturbed or even may not cope with speed because this game is divided into different weeks.

Entering every week, you will have three different levels of difficulty. Here, the toughest degree of rhythm is the faster mode, where you’ll have to be extra fast to cope with the speed of capturing notes.

To make sure that you win or lose, dots on the screen appear with colours as if there is a red colour, which means you are the loser. And if there is a green sign, it means, get ready for the kiss.

Moreover, you will also be fighting or competing on the raps with some other game villains like Monster, skid, Pico, and pump. However, the mechanism will remain the same during playtime.

Game Features

Friday Night Funkin apk

Game Moves

  • Arrow Keys
    • WASD
    • Enter


  • Enter
    • Arrow Keys

Modes of the Friday night funky:

You can play this lovely game in two modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Free Mode

If you are happy with just one round or a beginner who wants to learn, you should go for the Free mode. But if you think that no battle can stop you from meeting your girlfriend, then you can go for the Story mode adventure.

Main Features of The FNF Apk

It’s pretty obvious to all the gamers that every game out there has some features. And most of the gamers are very interested to know them. Because these are the main things on which all the games rely and without these, you can’t enjoy a fruitful playtime.

Therefore, let’s have a look at what you will be enjoying in this newly launched Friday Night Funky apk.

However, I can be sure that maybe the features might not look very interesting to you. But I didn’t know about this game and its addictive taste until I played it by myself. So, feel no worries about this.

  • Quality Graphics: Being a gamer, I always love the good quality graphics of any game I play. And the same, I consider that every player keeps this thing their top priority inside a game. Therefore, this fnf apk provides some good quality graphics that will keep you attached to your mobile screen.
  • A lot of Music: The Friday night Funkin songs come with different tones, voices, rhythms, and funny sounds qualities. All of these will cherish your mood and will never let you go anywhere until you get to the end.
  • Tough Time: Having multiple challenges, but still, it never lets you feel any hassles on conquering them.
  • Easy to Play and Understandable: All the controls inside this apk are pretty simple and easily understandable even for a beginner.
  • Rules: Follow necessary rules only and play flawlessly.
  • The addition of a Romantic Story: The more you play, the more you get addicted, as the game is based on a romantic dating story. And at the end. There is a special gift for you from the girl if you win the rapes battels from her father.
  • Virtual Playtime: It does enable you to select the girl virtually by several options.
  • Two Modes of Play: The game offers you two modes of play, including Story mode plus Free mode. As I have already told you, the Story Mode is a long journey and an interesting adventure. However, the free mode is best for beginners. Because they can learn the game easily.
  • No skills, no Kiss: The game will give you a tough time as you will have to face many characters and win them. Plus, you’d have to prove your musical sense or skills professionally before the father of the girl to make him believe in you.
  • The Amazing Prize: The game is based on a story, and you will get a kiss from the girl if you win.
  • No Adds: This Friday Night Funkin online game contains no ads. It means you will feel no distractions while playing non-stop. This feature of having no ads in online games is considered to be one of the best features that you ever look for.
  • The ultimate availability: Available and can be played on all types of Android phones, Windows OS, IOS, and XBOX Live.
  • More Features: Find twisting and amusing musical notes, attractive gameplay, and easy to play more in numbers features inside this Friday Night Funkin apk.

How can I Download and install Friday Night Funkin Apk?

The Friday Night Funkin apk game is available for Android phones as well as PCs or IOS. So there are no hassles in having this musical game on your touch screen or desktop. For downloading and installing, you’d have to follow the given steps.

  • Click on the Download Button: First of all, click on the FNF download Button at the top of this page. You will have an Apk file on your android after some time.
  • Enable Unknown Sources: Second, make sure that you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” feature on your Android Phone, as this is the basic requirement for the game to get installed on your Phone. However, on some mobile phones, this feature is already enabled.
  • Install the fnf Apk: Third, go to your mobile’s file menu, find this apk file and click on it for the installation process. Wait until the apk is installed.
  • Successful installation: Now open it, and you will be already familiar with most of the play features or mechanisms given inside this game.
  • Delete the Apk file if not necessary: After all this, find that apk file again, and you can delete it because the game has been installed successfully to make you play it, and yes, I forget the kiss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free of cost, and you will find the apk file on this page by clicking on a Friday Night Funkin download apk button. Then you can easily install it on your mobile, and it requires no money in the whole process.

It’s a fantasy game, and basically, the content of this game attracts so many players. You will listen to many amazing songs, plus if you win, you will get a kiss. Aww, what an amazing prize you’re going to get, Mate. Moreover, the game is simple and easy to play until you don’t play it on fast mode.

The game is based on a love story between a boyfriend and his girlfriend. Only the pretty mature people can better understand it and eventually play it. As long as the exact age is considered, children from 12 to 14 years old or older can easily play this game.

Final Thoughts

Since you have installed the Friday Night Funkin apk, I wish you to enjoy yourself limitlessly and have a good time. The game is very interesting and includes stuff to do. It has pretty amazing songs and some peaceful symphonies. So, you will love it.

Moreover, it’s good to see you as my guest on this great topic, and I can make sure that you will visit again for more latest updates. Therefore, please bookmark this page so that it will be easy for you to find it the next time. Hence, take care of yourself, keep playing and keep winning plus never forget to let me know if you have any queries or want to add something. Have a good day.